CT1 was created and invented for a reason

The inventor of the mobile carpenter’s trailer developed COPD and asthma as a result of decades of working with all types of wood. His vision was to make a convenient, self contained work trailer with a vacuum system dust eliminator. After years of trials and errors and prototypes,  the CT1 was introduced to the marketplace. It has been a game changer in the lives and health of so many tradesmen.

CT1 Carpenter Trailer

"Retired carpenter here. Just want to compliment you guys on a beautifull product you designed and build. Almost want to buy one even having retired from the industry. Thank you for your contribution to the industry"

- Johannes Hogenhout

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CT1 Carpenter Trailer


With the rise of COPD and the new OSHA rule "1926.1153 Respirable crystalline silica", companies and tradesmen across the United States are looking for a healthier way to work.

TT1 Tradesman Trailer

"TT1 saves time. I was able to finish a job in a shorter time! I recommend TT1."

- Jack, Philadelphia

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TT1 Tradesman Trailer


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  • An Industry First

    A state of the art vacuum system with onboard dust collection. No more airborne particles for a safer work environment.

  • Self-Powered

    The CT1 is fully self contained, with two power sources and can be housed in a residential garage or fits easily in a parking space.

  • Ultimate Utility

    Tradesman Trailer is versatile, customizable and aesthetically pleasing. Add a professional element to any jobsite or project.